Tips for Parents/Guardians

  • Review the acceptance package with your son/daughter to understand payment schedules, deadlines, and Residence rules. We treat students as adults, supporting their development into independence. Statements, invoices, and refunds are delivered directly to students, and information cannot be disclosed without their permission. Refunds are issued in the student’s name, fostering responsibility in managing deadlines.
  • Consider touring the Residence to familiarize yourself with the living environment. Our staff is available for appointments and room tours, subject to availability. If your son/daughter faces challenges, encourage them to speak with staff, trained to handle various situations.
  • Living away from home can be challenging; send your son/daughter a card or letter for support. Understand that they may be busy in the initial weeks with academics and adjusting to a new environment. Communication may be limited during this time.
  • Address roommate issues by directing your son/daughter to Resident Advisors, trained to assist in fostering positive relationships. These advisors undergo extensive training to handle any situation that may arise in Residence.