3. Rules that Affect You in Residence

Residence policies and procedures are set guidelines for students that live in residence on the Institution’s campus. These are detailed in the Student Residence Agreement, the residence website, and the RCLS. Insitutional policies and procedures are related to an individual’s status as a student of DC/OT/Trent and their behaviour on campus, which includes residence. Therefore, as a residence student your actions in residence can also affect your academic status.

Municipal, Provincial and Federal laws and by-laws are related to you being a citizen in the city, province and country. The standards outlined by Residence and the Institution are informed by these laws. Residence and the Institutions’ Staff aim to ensure that all of these standards of behaviour are respected and maintained.

Normally the Residence policies and procedures and the Institution’s policies and procedures act independently of one another. However, Residence shares all reports alleging RCLS violations with the Institutions. In situations that create a concern for the safety and security of students in residence and on campus, all important information will be shared between appropriate Residence and the Institutions’ officials. In serious cases, allegation(s) may be investigated by both the Residence and the Institutions and the student will be subject to the sanctions under both sets of policies and procedures.

For more information about Residence and the Institutions’ policies and procedures please refer to the following websites:

Scope & Application

The RCLS applies to all Residents and their Guests. They are in effect:

  • on Residence property, including in all Residence buildings and the grounds of the Residence;
  • at off-campus events sponsored by Residence or a recognized student leadership group in residence;
  • when the conduct of a Resident has a substantial link to the Institutions, direct implications for the proper functioning of Residence; the well-being of Residents; the educational mission of the Institutions; or the interests or reputation of Residence and/or the Institutions. This includes any behaviour observed or carried out through an online medium, by using text, audio, video or images, including but not limited to Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter will be treated as an Offense detailed within these standards.


The RCLS is intended to be clear to all readers. If you have a question, consult a Residence Staff member, as they have the authority to interpret the Standards. The RCLS attempts to identify a range of behaviours that constitute Offenses. Residence reserves the right, in extraordinary circumstances, to identify and sanction conduct that may not be specifically described, but which clearly does not support the stated Objectives of the RCLS or the Institutions’ Polices.

Protection of Privacy

Residence respects the privacy and personal information of residence students and will comply with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act regarding the gathering, retention, safeguarding and disposal of personal information. All concerning behaviours and allegations of offenses documented in Residence Reports will be made available to the Resident, Campus Security and the Office of the Vice President, Student Affairs, upon request. All Residence reports, files and records, both paper-based and electronic, will be kept for a minimum of seven (7) years after the termination of the Student Residence Agreement.