Student Residence Agreement 2019-2020 – COMING SOON

The Student Residence Agreement is a legal contract that outlines the obligations of the Resident, the Institution and the Manager. The terms and conditions of this agreement have been designed to ensure that Residents enjoy a safe, respectful community living environment that is conducive to academic success. Residents are expected to respect the rights and privileges of others and to conduct themselves in a manner that promotes this purpose.

Through the online Residence Application process Residents are required to read and agree to the terms of this agreement before completing their application. Residents are advised to download a copy of this document and save it for their records. Residents are also advised to share a copy of this document with their Primary and Secondary Contacts identified in the application process. In some circumstances, the Manager may require that a hard copy of this agreement is signed, and in those circumstances, each of the pages of this agreement must be initialed by the Resident.