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ASD Supports

The Residence is committed to assisting students who identify as being on the autism spectrum and will work to ensure you are connected to supports, both in Residence and on campus. If you would like to inform the Residence that you are on the autism spectrum, you are welcome to include that information after you have been accepted, via the Additional Information step of your application. We will connect with you via email to ensure you’re aware of the supports available to you.

Early Move In

The Residence offers an early move-in option. This can be beneficial for students who would like additional time to settle in before the start of a new semester. You will find early move-in dates available for selection in your application, after you have been accepted. If you would like to arrive earlier than the listed options, please connect with us via email and we will do our best to accommodate.

Roommate Self-Selection

For applicants arriving in September, the Residence offers a Roommate Portal, which is an opportunity for applicants to self-select their roommate. You can view other applicants and compare your lifestyle questionnaire compatibility scores, as well as learn about hobbies and interests. We also offer gender-inclusive housing. For students who do not self-select their roommate, the Residence Staff will make a suitable match based on criteria such as lifestyle questionnaire responses, age etc.

Nightly Programming & Social Opportunities

The Residence hosts nightly programming and events, typically in the lobby of each building. Events are usually drop-in style and provide an opportunity to meet other Residents and staff and to build connections.

Resident Advisors

Our Resident Advisors (RAs) are dedicated to supporting your transition into residence life. They plan and execute educational and social programs, offer guidance on academic and personal matters, and work towards fostering a strong sense of community within the Residence.

Residence Outreach Services

The Residence Outreach Coordinators provide coaching and support to students within the residence community. As students navigate their post-secondary education, they may encounter various challenges. Our Residence Outreach Coordinators are here for you! Additionally, the Residence Outreach Coordinators can assist you in navigating resources both on campus and in the community. Staying connected and utilizing available resources play a significant role in your personal and academic success. Situated directly in the Residence, the Residence Outreach Coordinators collaborate with the Campus Health Centre, with Outreach offices on the first floor of the Simcoe and South Village Residences. All services are confidential.

24/7 Support

South Village and Simcoe Village are supported by a 24/7 Front Desk, meaning that there is always someone available to assist. The Whitby Village Office is staffed Monday-Friday from 8am-4pm, in addition to an on-site Resident Advisor. An On-Call Manager is also available 7 days a week for all Residence buildings.

Access and Support Centre

Durham College’s Access and Support Centre is available to you, regardless of whether you choose to live in Residence. We recommend that you connect with ASC as soon as possible to get more information about all the supports and services available to you.

ASD Social Group with Durham College’s Access and Support Centre

The Residence has partnered with the Access and Support Centre (ASC) at Durham College to create a program specifically designed for students who identify as being on the autism spectrum and seek assistance in their ongoing transition into college life. The ASD Social Group program offers various activities throughout the year aimed at developing skills in areas such as self-regulation, cooking, social interactions, anger management, and more. Through individualized success coaching and group work, with a focus on relationships and life skills, this program provides ongoing support in a patient and reassuring environment. Join us in Residence for academic readiness and social connectedness.